The BIG hi!

It was my second week at the ‘deemed’ University and I was completely lost in the intensity of the culture shock. I kept wondering if something was wrong with me and if I was the only crazy one. That’s when I met Yash. Studying in a batch senior to mine, Yash is a butterfly that keeps fluttering all over campus spreading smiles with his classic ‘big hi’!

Our first conversation happened right outside the teachers’ mess which is actually a really weird place for a girl and a guy to talk. But like I said, I’m crazy so it didn’t bother me and surprisingly it didn’t bother him either! Had it not been for bumping into Yash, I would’ve probably started thinking that something is terribly wrong with me and started pretending to be someone else, just to fit in. But thankfully, that didn’t happen!

Be it my first big project, other achievements small or big, directly or indirectly, Yash has always shown his support irrespective of whether he believes in it or not. That often worked as the slight push required to keep going.

Be it being my personal google maps service or helping me put up a show overnight, I’ve always been able to get out of very complicated situations without breaking a sweat! All that because I got to know this amazing ‘face of our course’, who is always there to help, to support, to encourage and most importantly to say

‘a BIG hi!’


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