The girl lost in the crowd

She is my silent support.

She has her mood swings, but so do I. We take it out on each other in our over sensitive ways. We don’t talk for a few days but then we can’t do without talking and so we reconcile.

A genius, a brilliant doctor in the making, she’s been by my side in her own silent ways.

Back in school, we weren’t so close. But now, nobody is as close as we are.

It’s funny how life takes these weird turns, converging paths in some of the most unlikely ways.

I still remember that day, the first day of junior college when we were put together one behind the other. 2 years, 2 long crucial years I sat next to her and she never confided in me about anything. But, neither did I, for the most part.

I’ve always loved her unconditionally, I’ve always been possessive about her and wondered why I can’t reach out to her, until we were put in the same city…

She’s moving to a different country soon, a different time zone and a different life. I’m gonna miss her so much!

For you, a thousand times over.


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