The Happy Dino

Since the past 4 months, I’ve been looking up a lot of articles and blogs that talk about ‘content development’ and ‘social media’.

Until then, blogging according to me was a place where one voiced their opinions and shared experiences from their daily lives. I had no clue about how it would actually be helpful for a business or that there were people who took blogging really seriously, making a living out of it!

When I started my blog, back in 2009, I did it because my best friend insisted that I do. I wrote very random and naïve poetry, but quite impressive for my age, which I started putting up on the blog. After starting at the University, priorities changed and the blogging time got used up in other activities. But in all the extra-curricular activities, my ticket to the core teams was ‘I have a blog and have done a fairly good job with it!’ They’ve all told me that I should take it a bit more seriously, which I conveniently never did.

There came a point during those years, when I got fed up of my style of writing, melancholy as it predominantly was. I grew up, matured and deleted the old blog. Well, the internet community didn’t miss me but I sorely missed it! So, after one year of soul-searching, I returned with a new blog, a new name and new stories to talk about.

Blogging is like a hobby, that thing which takes all the stress away. I’ve never been a big fan of publishing on Facebook for some reason and WordPress sounded like a quick fix.

A quick Google search and a bit of help from LinkedIn posts, enlightenment happened. I discovered articles, forums and organisations which focused only on content development for social media. Then, I joined the Blogging 101 series hosted by the WordPress community. The interactive course, brought in insights and tips, which pushed me to revamp, re-do and add a few things here and there, along with my usual posts.

So you must be wondering, ‘300 words through and the post still doesn’t make much sense except the ramblings of a teenager…’ Oops! Sorry!

Here’s why I’m elaborating everything about how the blog came into being.

As random as the name sounds, when I started the blog, I did a post about the ‘How and Why of it’, to keep up with the random chain of events. So, quite embarrassingly, it isn’t as informative as it should be.

Basically, this blog is my space to talk about the things that happen to me, be it people, places or something as random as an old picture of some unknown era. I don’t have a specific theme or a focussed category of things that go up here. It’s more like everything under the Sun, which you could probably relate to.

So, here’s The Happy Dino, capturing the random ramblings of life.

Happy Reading!


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