My best friend stopped being my best friend.
She stopped being a part of my life completely.

How do I feel about it?

Broken. Lost. Lonely.


I kept asking myself, “Who am I gonna do all the fun stuff with?”
“Who am I gonna go shopping with?”
“Who am I gonna hangout with?”
The answer was always “You’ve got nobody anymore!”

So here I am in this new city, a city I love, a new job and absolutely nobody to help me unwind.

For the first 2 months since this event, I felt miserable. I kept feeling bad and gloomy all the time. Sometimes, I cried about it too.

But then, did I stop making new friends?

Maybe I won’t have a 2 am friend. Maybe I won’t have someone to go out with. Maybe I won’t have somebody to sit with and bitch about the whole world.

For now.

I went ahead and made a list of things I wanted to do. I did some on my own. I did a few with my gran. And a few more with some office colleagues.

An old friend came to town today. I dragged him to a new place that I’ve been aching to go to.

I set my ego and pain aside, let it get washed over by the Arabian sea and I called up my best friend.

We went to the new coffee shop in the vicinity.

I was angry and hurt about her whole messed up affair, the way she treated me when we moved into the new city and the way she detached herself.

But in the end, I let the vulnerability drive me to make more, better memories…

Don’t believe me?

Here’s something from the experts!


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