The desire for freedom.
Don’t we all have that?

The desire for freedom,
Freedom from the monetary battles,
Freedom to build your own kingdom,
Freedom to live life with our own rules,
To wake up each day looking forward to the challenges that come…

To achieve this freedom, we often push ourselves beyond known limits, toil in the circles of hard work hoping that eventually, we’ll break out of the rat race and be in a better place.

And yet, day after day, we toil. Some of us do eventually get out, but most of us just keep running. We run the race called life, ranking somewhere in between, gaining solace and energy from dreams yet to be achieved…

So this week begins… with new hope and energy, a refreshed spirit and determination that maybe today life will change!


3 thoughts on “Eleutheromania

  1. I think that people who desire freedom don’t go and get it, they stay in the rat race because they believe that the freedom they may have one day is dangerous. Freedom isn’t stable, jobs are. They think if they have freedom, they will be lost.

    1. Hey! Thank you for your comment…
      While we talk about freedom, does freedom mean not having a job or, could it also mean having a job you love and aren’t burdened by? What do you think?

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