Things to get done…

The list keeps increasing, the tasks never cease to exist. 
Everything is always on priority because when it’s not, it’s happily sitting at the bottom of the list (forgotten conveniently)!

Have you been singing a similar jingle every week?

Well… join the club!

Hubspot once did a blog post about useful to-do list apps which got me really excited and I decided to get started immediately. Our entire team is on Wunderlist, I even tried out To-doist and Evernote is and has always been a personal favourite… but the charm wore off as soon as it caught on. Sigh.

Gmail allows you to mark emails as tasks and make customised task lists as well! But the list keeps growing and the tasks just don’t seem to get ticked off… they do, but then there’s allows changes, additions, subtractions and the list goes on…


Despite the gloomy prospect of a never-ending task list, I actually enjoy having a list full of things to do and having my hands full. 

Yes, yes, yes! You read absolutely correctly! But hang on a minute… did I mention that I add a list of books I have to read to my task list as well?

If you enjoy reading, you’ll know what I’m talking about… if you don’t (you sure are missing out on a lot of stuff but…) then you can spice up your to-do list with some movies you’d like to catch, or videos you haven’t watched. While most of us are quite spontaneous when it comes to watching videos, reading up an interesting article or catching a movie, a lot of time we keep intending to do something but never get around to doing it (even if it’s the fun stuff!)

So, I’ve started adding a couple of fun things-to-do for every few not so fun things you’ve accomplished…

Works for me, why don’t you try it and share your experience?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. chellsie says:

    lists always work for me – as you will find in an old post of mine. 😀

    1. Anca says:

      Haha! Thanks… your lists ain’t bad either… I might just add a few categories from it 😜

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