My second home, that city was my epitome of change. 

I moved there some 5 years ago, scared, lonely and completely lost. I had no idea about where I was going or why…

But I just went, because I had no other choice. 

Along came a friendly smile, twinkling eyes adorned on a super sized human. Every time I looked up at the sky, I saw his smile in the distance… 

Long drives, short rides, and lots of food bridged the gap between shy and fool. 

Good friends we were, great friends we became, until the time came when we chose our separate ways. 

The smile faded, the chatter receded, to catching glimpses of each other in the shadows. We were both pretending to be happy, for the other’s sake… shattering silently inside. 

But we had chosen our separate ways. 

His ego was too big for him to turn back, my self-confidence was too small to believe that he wanted to turn back. 

And so we went, our own separate ways… 

Every once in a while, I catch his smile, in the shadows where the laughter echoes from long ago…

The shadows recede with the setting Sun, the details fade gradually, and I strain my ear to listen… to the laughter the shadows conceal. 

It all feels like long ago now. A glimpse of the shadow brings back a smile. 

But the smile isn’t the same anymore. The heart disconnects from the bitter and all that remains is the sweet…

Memories of long ago, the sound of chatter and laughter galore… all seemingly distant… 


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